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  • Tea Vodka – YES I will

    Throughout my years as a tea lover, I have had some pretty amazing tea related cocktails. Once, I had this dynamic Green Tea Martini from a little bar in Manhattan that I never could find again. But I never really noticed how prevalent the flavor is among alcohol recipes. I mean, even though it has […]

  • A New Variety Of Tea

    The world of tea is ancient. REAL ancient. But does that mean there is no more room to learn? Nay! Just like any other subject, no matter HOW old, there is always more room to explore. And that takes us to the subject of a new variety of tea! There is some chatter in the […]

  • Matcha: A Tea of Health and History

    Green Tea. It seems to be all I can think about sometimes. I have done numerous posts and writings throughout my tea adventures about the nature of green tea. I have tried to etch into the minds of each and every person who reads my blog the various health benefits gained when consuming green tea. […]

  • Tea and Health: Spring is NEAR!

    With Spring Time just around the corner, the theme of nature begins to take a turn towards renewal. Health, life, love — it’s a refreshment. A reawakening. So, in the celebration of Spring moving along (I’m sooo ready for it), I have compiled a list of what types of tea help do what for your […]

  • The Tragedy Of Lover’s Leap Ceylon

    Valentine’s Day comes at the perfect time of year. Through the freezing cold of winter, Valentine’s brightens the whole month and warms the hearts of millions everywhere. But it’s still cold outisde. So, why not have the perfect tea to celebrate the lover’s holiday and stay warm simultaneously? What could that “special” tea be you […]

  • The HOTTEST Gift Idea This Holiday Season!!!

      Ah! The Holiday season is here! And Christmas is literally just around the corner. It’s time to hide ourselves in seclusion and cunningly buy our loved ones the best darn guess of what they could want. In the millions upon millions of items in the entire world locatable at the click of a button […]


    Now that I have covered the facts about EGCG and it’s role in dieting and daily health, I must tell my personal story about it as I feel it might add a touch of reality to the science of it all. Let me start by giving you the details of where I was in 2009: […]

  • EGCG – The Super Green Antioxidant (PART 1 – THE FACTS)

    The world is in love with green tea. People enjoy the brew because of it’s flavor, it’s color, it’s scent regardless of where it comes from or what else it is paired with for flavor. Green tea in general is one of the most consumed teas in the world, and is definitely the most consumed […]


    I feel that in my daily encounters with the Internet, I am always drawn to finding out the most GRAND statistics about any number of subjects. I am always searching for things like the “WEALTHIEST MUSICIANS” or “LARGEST DOG BREEDS” or “TOP 10 HAUNTED LOCATIONS IN THE U.S.”. And it didn’t take too long for […]

  • Sweet Orange Tea-Brined Turkey

    Hello again everyone! Recently, I have been looking up and developing delicious and new recipes that involve tea or foods that would go well with tea. I found a literal cornucopia of related items, and will be sharing some of the new ones I found on the website soon.  However, here is one that I […]